Modern man is a knackered ape.”


Patrick Holford


Designed and delivered by experts, the Work Smarter series is underpinned by a decade of research into the science and psychology of wellbeing.

We simplify six essential skills needed to flourish at work, into practical habits to improve health and performance.

We equip everyone with the tools and techniques to improve long-term wellbeing whilst managing short-term pressures better.

Following each workshop, delegates engage in a 28-day challenge to apply their learning and share their experiences.

Work Smarter Series

 At My Best

How to deliver your best game more often

Mindful Resilience

How to build mental toughness and perform well under pressure

Boosting Vitality

How to sustain high performance and physical health

Find My Why

How to find your passion and live like it matters

Mindset For Growth

How to become all you can be

Make Change Stick

How to develop positive habits and make change stick

Want to know more about how our Work Smarter series can make a difference to the health and performance of your organisation? 

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