“ Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment” 



At Fourthpath we recognise the importance of combining user-generated data with human intervention to offer the complete development experience. Our digital services provide the best in mobile learning as well as access to leading psychometric assessments and surveys from world class test publishers.

collaborative learning

Increase engagement and application with the support of our mobile first collaborative learning platform for leaders and teams. Underpin your workshops with a digital companion that enables participants to access and develop learning resources anytime, anywhere and on any device. Control group studies reveal 50% better learning retention when workshops are supported by a digital companion.

talent portal

Fourthpath offer a cutting edge talent portal, providing cost effective access to products from world leading test publishers. From psychometrics to surveys, we provide the simplest and most intuitive user experience, both for system administrators and end users.

360 degree feedback

Fourthpath offer a 360 degree feedback tool that is designed to quickly, simply and cost effectively meet your exact needs. We can help design your programme and manage it to ensure a smooth implementation or train you to be self-sufficient. Our experts make sure your programme has the desired impact, guiding you on feedback best practice and development planning. So, whether you need an ultra-simple tool or an enterprise-scale platform, we can help.

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